Free Condor 2 hosting

You can upload a flight plan from Condor 2 here.

A server will be automatically started.

It will be listed in the Condor2 server list and IP address and port are shown at the end of the creation process.

Save yourself from the hassle of messing around with port forwardings and server setup.

Currently available maps (Downloads: FTP):

  • Condor2:
  • Missing a map? Contact the admin.

    Server Settings:

    • MaxPlayers: 32
    • MinPlayers: 1
    • MaxPing: 300
    • JoinTimeLimit: 15min
    • MaxTowplanes: 8
    • AdminPassword: *******
    • CompetitionName: DVAeC
    • CompetitionPassword: *******
    • AdvertiseOnWeb: Yes